Take your passion and make it happen…

Take your passion and make it happen…

In 2012, I packed up my life in the UK and moved to Marbella where I discovered my passion and wanderlust for other cultures. When this sunset is on your doorstep, it’s hard not to fall in love….


In January 2014 I headed to South East Asia where I spent 3 months living out of a backpack. I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did and it only inspired me to see more.


I went with no real plan but spent my 3 months travelling Thaiand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia.


I returned to Marbella for another season where I saved up to travel again, and in December 2014 I set off to Bali to spend Christmas, New Year and my 29th birthday.


My favourite place in Indonesia was definitely the Gili Islands, especially Gili T (Gili Trawangan).


Next stop was the Philippines, where I spent time with the family of a friend in the North of the country. I loved Philippines, and regret not researching the best ways to travel around as the only real way to travel the islands is by plane.


The next destination was Singapore which was way more expensive than I had ever imagined!


I finished my trip in Thailand, as it was and still is one of my all time favourite places in the world… (so far).


One of the reasons I have started this blog is to offer my help and advice to other travellers!

I have been travelling Central and South America with my boyfriend Chris since January 2017 and we hope to finish our mega trip in February 2018 at Rio Carnival in Brazil.

I am currently working remotely for a content marketing agency called Zettist which is helping to fund our trip for that extra few months.

If you would like any extra information or travel tips about, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Keep on wandering.


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  1. This blog was inspiring. Some day I’m gonna pack my bags and fly off to places I’ve always wanted to go, just like you. Keep traveling and keep inspiring new travelers to pursue their dreams 🙂

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